Doctoral Nursing Student

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Nursing

University of Manitoba


Naomi Armah has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Cape Coast and has worked in the emergency and pediatric nursing settings. She pursued graduate studies at the University of Manitoba, where she completed her Master of Nursing program, with a thesis focus on  “One Size Does Not Fit All’- Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Perspectives of Intercultural Communication: A Qualitative Descriptive Study. Naomi also has certificates in higher education teaching (CHET) and Intercultural Development and Leadership Program (IDLP) from the University of Manitoba. She has variable clinical, teaching, and research experiences. Naomi is currently a doctoral student with interest in developing a theoretical model of intercultural communication competence using grounded theory.

Her areas of interest include healthcare provider-client communication, intercultural communication, cultural competency, nursing education, simulation, vulnerable populations, health equity.

She brings to the LEAD Outcomes Research, a global perspective and professional experience with healthcare and research.

Naomi received the following awards during her graduate studies: Graduate Nursing Students Association Scholarship (PhD), Dr. Margaret R. Francis Award, Irene E. Nordwich Foundation, Dr. Kenneth Clark Travel Award, Emerging Leader Award (University of Manitoba), Sigma Theta Tau International – Xi Lambda Chapter Research Award, College of Nursing Endowment Fund, Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research Graduate Student Research Grant, International Graduate Student Bursary, University of Manitoba, Qualitative Health Conference Research Award (College of Nursing, UofM), International Graduate Student Scholarship, Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research Graduate Student Research Internship Award, Manitoba Training Program in Health Services Research (Formerly Western Regional Training Program), and the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship.